Today She’s Finally Letting Go

Today she’s finally letting go,

She’ll give her past the slip;

Regrets like raindrops gently flow

From empty fingertips.

naked branch.jpg

Hefty while she clutched them tight,

These burdens, weightless, slide;

Regarded from her newfound height,

She fancies they were lies.

Carpe Rosa




Flowers fade, and fall at last,

Petals marry ‘now’ to ‘past’,

Only what you’ve stored en masse

Will feed your summer dreams.


Daylight nods as autumn wakes,

Giving less than dying takes,

Storing life while living breaks,

Ripping golden seams.



Take It Off

Go ahead.

I dare you.

Take it off,

take it all off.

Bare your soul

and strip away pretenses;

let go of Halloween masks

invented to disguise

inadequacies, insecure crevices in

paper-thin skin.

Let them fall,

meteors of rotten flesh,

crisp lying remains of misplaced notions.

Take it all off.

Embrace the Fall!

It is the you disrobed,


exposed to autumn breeze,

that is breathtakingly beautiful.





‘V’ is For Fall

‘V’ is for fall,

living arrows on a southward spiral,

pointing out the obvious –

Autumn arrives with strings attached.

Snows and North Gales

are on the end of that umbilical cord,

so ‘V’ is for fall;

 fowlish flesh

make haste for calmer climes,

honking farewell

to natal stars,

leaving cracked eggshells

as a deposit

guaranteeing spring.


I live beneath an incredible migratory path – this time of year, the skies are resonant with honks and wings of untold number.  Their annual pilgrimage marks the seasons for the mortals who toil beneath their flight path.