When Fate has frozen fortune,

When winter has its way,

When hanging on takes all you’ve got

And circumstances prey,

Open heart to springtime rays

And soak up brilliant sun,

For in the Light, your hope is sure –

Your gleaming has begun.

Hung Out to Dry


meet Betrayer,

who left you in the lurch,

hung you out to dry.

Get in line

with all the others

who dangle at the mercy

of Power.

One day your pins will be removed,

and the hanging judge

will turn the tables.

The innocent will fall like dew on parched ground,

and those who twisted Fate

will be strung in your place.

Hang on

just a little longer…

Budding Well

Held aloft on dainty stem,

Feeling autumn breeze;

Floating bodice, dancing hem

Tantalizes bees.

Contemplating frost’s approach,

Knowing pending Fate;

Blooming, scorning all reproach –

Budding well won’t wait.

What the Claw Saw

Your clammy claw, a land-locked crab

Erectly snaps at Fate;

In drenched green slicker, cold and damp,

You think the sun is late!

We have had a spell of cold and blustery weather – and here in Saskatchewan, we aren’t used to that!  We get a lot of sunshine hours every year (to make up for the otherwise harsh conditions?) so when wet conditions tarry for long we quickly grow restive.  I don’t know how many thoughts run through this daylily’s ‘brain’, but I am certain it waits for the sun!