Puffed Up


It’s more than pride that puffs her up.

Layers build buffers

between soul and the cold;

in the places where

denial runs up against reality,

stripping down

is decidedly counter-intuitive.


may make good neighbours,

but they block the very life-giving rays

that her soul most seeks.

It will take all of her courage

to face the cold without feathers,

but only in nakedness can

sun make love to skin;

 intimate connectivity with the Light

will dress her more beautifully

than her puffed up profile

ever could…




fairy-froth in icy court,

fabricated of earth’s tears

and Arctic breath,

magical feathers

to fly fears

in whispers

to God’s throne.


I’ve never seen frost like this.  My husband pushed some snow to break a walking trail, and within hours, the ground was covered with fairy-dust feathers of frost.  The atmospheric conditions must be just right to produce such a phenomenon –  why did it grow?  Why take this feathery form?  The  mystery and magic have me enthralled…