Puffed Up


It’s more than pride that puffs her up.

Layers build buffers

between soul and the cold;

in the places where

denial runs up against reality,

stripping down

is decidedly counter-intuitive.


may make good neighbours,

but they block the very life-giving rays

that her soul most seeks.

It will take all of her courage

to face the cold without feathers,

but only in nakedness can

sun make love to skin;

 intimate connectivity with the Light

will dress her more beautifully

than her puffed up profile

ever could…

10 comments on “Puffed Up

  1. adaisygarden says:

    Such a beautiful photo. I must confess that at times it’s hard for me to take down those “fences” and I can understand the phrase, “it will take all her courage to face the cold without feathers” . . . I like the safety & protection I feel when I hide behind those things (I don’t want to get hurt again), but I know it’s not conducive to new friendships or true fellowship. I quote aloud the verse, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

    • melodylowes says:

      It’s a balance, as in all things – we ought not to willingly let ourselves be hurt when we have the power of choice to stop further abuse – but the walls we build are certainly difficult in terms of allowing the GOOD things in… This is a hard one for me, too…

  2. well well friend ~ your writing is like a warm feather coat for my soul~ I’m speechless again !

  3. Debbie says:

    Oh I love this! All of it! Praying to trust what He will dress me in, more than my own defenses. God bless you, Melody!
    A++++ 🙂

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