She Hides

ruffed grouse


She hides her soul from prying,

pulls invisibility

close, feathered mantle shielding

vulnerable organs. Should

strangers breach her barriers,

happen suddenly upon

her inner sanctum, retreat

protocols dictate complete

withdrawal, complete shut-down.


So when she hears her Maker’s

footsteps in the garden, she

freezes, terrified, lest His

x-ray vision spy her here,

naked; not comprehending

a Love without boundaries

or condemnation, she hides.


This ruffed grouse didn’t understand that I meant her no harm, and beat a fast retreat. Is there a bond between her kind and mine, after all?




He plastered cracks

with thin veneer,

deflected scrutiny

with hollow jokes


to laugh the scars

away; but meeting

Love has peeled his

bark’s resources,


stripped bare his


Terror and pleasure

co-mingle in this


tango, the steps

of which elude his

balance;  baring

all, he stands naked


and shivering, but

for the first time,

cracks are letting

the Light of life in…




Whenever her roots begin to show,

she heads to the salon for a second skin.

‘How long will this veneer hold?’

she asks her sparkling reflection,

taking care not to scratch

the surface.

Puffed Up


It’s more than pride that puffs her up.

Layers build buffers

between soul and the cold;

in the places where

denial runs up against reality,

stripping down

is decidedly counter-intuitive.


may make good neighbours,

but they block the very life-giving rays

that her soul most seeks.

It will take all of her courage

to face the cold without feathers,

but only in nakedness can

sun make love to skin;

 intimate connectivity with the Light

will dress her more beautifully

than her puffed up profile

ever could…

The Secret of the Star

Deeply carved into our skin

a secret is revealed;

a star belongs in each of us

when layers are repealed;

when knife meets flesh, the blood is drawn,

imbedding seeds of doubt –

but trials are the only way

our star is wrestled out.


Image courtesy of El Bueno, El Feo y El Malo

The years have added sediments,

Layers to her hard-worn core;

Each resplendent element

Accumulates and adds its lore –

Brilliant glaring youthful tones,

Subtle, mournful, painful hues;

Wrapping round her skeletal bones,

Percolating as they choose.

Remove one, and her personhood

Would be altered from its base;

Add one, and her entirety could

Adapt and find new resting place

For fresh material to stick –

Leaching chemicals that flow

Experience through veins so thick

That cross-section of life would show…