You’ll Be Ready

When clouds hailed hurt,

your harmed and crippled bloom

retired into itself,

nursing its grudges;

now snow piles on icy insult

and forces heart’s hibernation.

But beneath the soil,

where only worms are witnesses,

Roots reach needy fingers deep into


when life smiles again,

you’ll be ready.

The Storms of Life

The storms of life have had their way,

The years have turned her dark to gray,

And robbed her of her partner, too –

The scars are where her feet walked through

The toughest rock-infested climbs,

The places where the toughest times

Have tried to conquer inner peace.

Doctor’s bills, death’s release,

Betrayals multiplied by four,

Troubles knocking on heart’s door.

Beneath the gray exterior

Lies a heart superior,

Tested by a difficult life,

Tempered by abundant strife;

She will live to see the day

When others lead her by the way,

Lives whose hearts by hers were touched

In sundry ways, by her deep love.