Get Real


She wants to get real.

Her thirst is a mirror,

reflecting a parched soul

to blind eyes; the more she

confesses, the more she

recognizes her hollowness.

Only Light can fill her now –

energy in rainbow-rays,

illumination to reveal

depravity. And seeing,

she knows that

she has been a dark

and empty thing,

a plastic flower

with no hope of fragrance.

So now,

at last,

she wants to get real.

Being Covered


Being covered

in raiment of another’s choosing

labelled you Lost.

Lost to sight,

lost to self,

you laboured to be

whatever you were called,

and laboured in vain.


being covered

in raiment of Another’s choosing

labelled you  Loved!

Loved by sight,

loved for self,

your labour to ‘be’


you simply became.

Being covered






inherent characteristics

and the you


exploded with colour

and fragrance

and beauty…


Intoxication, elevation,

tintillated senses on a garden morning tour.

Pink scentsation, sweet libation,

inhalation heals the heart, and ushers in its cure.


Sweet peas have got to be one of the most delightful scents in the garden world!!

Steeped Cinnamon

You wait

with breath on hold

for the glimmer of the waking sun

to light up your world, a global alarm clock

which will tease open veiled tresses and release your

joy-steeped beauty like a stick of sweet cinnamon in a teacup

of finely hand-painted china, a compound of the world’s richest organic drink.

A Cherry Jubilee

Seduction of bees,

Fragrance to seize,

Purity to please

All the senses.

A vision in white,

Garden’s delight,

Visions invite

Picket fences.

Robed as a fairy,

Elf of the prairie,

Soon-to-be cherry

In the making.

Peace wrapped in power,

Virginal bower,

Five-petalled flower

For the taking.

At the Perfume Counter

The  lady at the counter

with the aromatic smile

asks which of her new fragrances

would I consent to try?

“There’s Lilac, that’s a classic.

And Cherry Blossom, too.

And don’t forget the cheerful scent

of Plum Passion – that one’s new.

You might try Springtime Apple,

or Honeyberry Wine – “

“I can’t decide,” I interrupt,

“I’ll take them all this time!”

The scents in my yard right now are other-worldly!  Who can choose one over the other when all combine to create such a spicy, intoxicating aroma!