Your Love Strings Gems


Your love strings gems,

perfectly petalled pearls

to compliment my

throat. Its necklace

encircles the hollows

where my pulse keeps

time to the breath

which was Your first good gift.

My value increases,

thus dressed – for,

draped with Your signature,

I become who I was

designed to be, on

Jeweller’s best letterhead.

Your love christens me


rosebud ravishing;

my spirit thirsts for

more of this untamed

and magnificent Lover,

whose extravagance

strings gems.

Planting Emeralds


While winter wailed and bared his teeth,

you withdrew into your shell;

now, the tears that leaked beneath

the earth have come to serve you well.

Each precious seed, an emerald gem,

plants true beauty in your soul;

as they grow, they stitch a hem

of radiance to make you whole.