grass seeds sunset

I am plain,

a commonplace and crude step-sister

ever watching  Cinderellas

snag a Prince’s gaze;

nothing within or without

to draw eyes or sighs.

But You are on life’s horizon –

Your Light is breathtaking,

and You in me,

I in You,

flips  heart’s switch,

ignites filament.

When Your sun rises

where soul’s search settles,

dawn breaks through open pores,

and I am –


From Where I Sit

From where I sit, I don’t see much –

I struggle to peer over grounded views.

I’m vertically challenged for sure; as such,

a limited horizon is mine to peruse.

Skewed perception, bias in sense,

falls to my part as I ponder my lot,

erroneous judgements within and without

 force me to fly, to avoid my blind spot.