So You Feel as Though You’re Only One


So you feel as though

you’re only one

in earthly meadow’s millions,

two feet,

a pair of arms,

sundry assorted parts

that fail to set

your arrangement apart;

but if you chose not to bloom,

the gap where your

smiling face should


would be left bare,

blank in the canvas,

one beautiful brick

short of a load –

so bloom. Take your place

proudly, stand in the gap,

and watch the whole

world  grow,




at a time…




Holes are part of who we are –

life, when lived, dispenses scars,

beauty with a beauty mark,

evening the field.

Holes that humble prideful face,

put us in a wounded place,

teach us that to live in grace

is where our holes are healed.


Dust of the Earth


Dust of the earth clings stubborn here,

no bath or scrubbing removes the smear;

yet snowflake’s true core is dust of the earth –

a crystallized raiment imparting true worth.


Moisture in the air condenses at cold temperatures; each flake has its beginning in a molecule of dust, and grows in beauty as it joins its brethren.  A lesson here, perhaps?

The Great Equalizer

Pompous pines and smug cedars,

set aside superiority –

last night,

God released the Frost Fairies,

those celestial ladies-in-waiting

whose expertise is festal fashion;


even the Ugly Ducklings

are Cinderellas,

even the weeds are winsome

in their fanciful finery.

The Great Equalizer,

frost paints all with the same brush –

seedling and signpost,

lilac and lantern,

thorn and thicket,

grass and grapevine;

 all are exquisitely,

royally dressed

for the Ball.


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The Beholder and the Beheld

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

then beauty is what I behold.

My eyes trace your veins,

your rough edges,

the places where you have been bruised by life’s bumps and grinds.

I see the vulnerable places,

where skin is transparent,

where  cellophane wraps cells

in discomfiture,

uncertainty stretches you taut.

Human-packaged humanity,

comfort in warped wrap,

friendship in flawed form.

Yet here,


I behold you –