The Star Inside

mallow star


She cradles her weakness deep,

tenderly touching places

that crisply curl past their prime;

she treasures bent blooms, broken

foliage. When petals lose

their sheen, her soul stirs, shouting

joy in exuberant notes,

song of the ancients who learned

secrets from secret sorrows.

To such spirits as hers, pain

is welcomed as Mentor, friend

whose sage presence sears blossoms

but harvests seeds. Thankful

heart, this, whose troubles have stripped

away the peripheral,

baubles which blocked her brilliance,

kept her from being a star.



The Secret of the Star

Deeply carved into our skin

a secret is revealed;

a star belongs in each of us

when layers are repealed;

when knife meets flesh, the blood is drawn,

imbedding seeds of doubt –

but trials are the only way

our star is wrestled out.