My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady, what do you see?

You retain a visionary’s air,

a nonchalant wisdom

as you gaze upon the spectacle that is Life.

And of what do you whisper when the night falls,

and the Mourning Dove coos her lullabies?

Where do you hide the dreams that liven your waking hours

and dare you to reach for the stars?

From whence do your thoughts flow, when the shadows stalk?

If you could but drop me a hint,

a nudge,

I could join your Kingdom and take my place,

a courtier,

a novice,

a fledgling Fair Lady

whose dreams would mingle

with your own.

Lily on Your Golden Throne

Lily on your golden throne,

Rule with regal grace intoned;

Set injustice on its ear

And bring the poor and needy near

To find their strength in your embrace;

Policy must help them face

A life of troubles multiplied –

Show them you are on their side,

And they will willing subjects be,

If you allow their dignity…