Old Friend


Old friend,

I haven’t seen you for so long.

You have hidden yourself away,

a self-imposed hiatus.

Do you not hear the call?

The Sun woos once again;

it is time to take up your burden

and enter the land of the living.


Fungal feeding frenzy,

malicious maggot malware,

nibbling, writhing,

homing in

where soft flesh is most exposed,

fondness for frailty

and appetite for Achilles heel

driving gluttony to new depths.

At first bite,

you panic;

to be thus consumed

wasn’t on your list,

or even your radar.


Nature demands that

dead flesh be disposed of;

it is the way of the world

to devour the dross,

ply fangs to cadavers.

When once Death is murdered,

what is alive can truly live.

Don’t suffer what is already dead

to be termed a loss;


rejoice that what is breathing,



is being purged,




The process of refinement can be so very painful!  It is hard to keep our eyes on the prize to come when we start losing parts of ourselves…but letting go of what is lesser to gain what is more moves us ever forward on our journey.