Invisible Woman

A year ago, this poem struck a chord with my readers. What are your thoughts today?

Meanwhile, Melody Muses...


I slip among you –

The Invisible Woman.

I eat your food,

I laugh at your jokes,

I nod and smile at words

brittle as bones and nourishing as chalk.


I leak and stain

but your eyes perceive it not.

You see sunsets and flowers

and babies and happy endings

and paint over cracks with

an invisible brush.

I am from an ‘other’ world.


I slip among you –

The Invisible Woman.

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Dreaming of Home


Solitary confinement

has drawn invisible barriers

that hurt to break.


She travels light

and only in her dreams

will her seed rise up

to bless her.


Hers are the cries

of the gulls on the shore,

mourning her losses,

dreaming of