Summer Love


Softer than an infant’s cheek,

gentler than a summer rain,

more graceful than a woodland creek,

more mystery than curving lane,

your steadfast love entreats and charms,

pursues my heart with winsome ways;

my heart, a rosebud in your arms,

blushes beauty at your gaze.

Good Morning, My Love

Good morning, my love  –

it seems we must rouse;

the sun’s streaming in

and making her bows.

It’s time for the dreamers

to rise from their dreams;

it’s time for the lovers

to undo the seams

that sewed two together

for night time’s embrace ,

and shake off Love’s slumber

to enter Life’s race.


Stable when the night wind blows,

Strong enough for gales and storms,

Security for days that close

In uncertainty in all its forms;

Solid in the midst of strife,

A presence when I am alarmed,

Loving touch from man to wife,

A harbour safe in waters warm.

Comfort when the torrents pour,

Whispers sweet in times of grace;

Being known to inner core,

Companionship in heart’s true place.

Looks across a crowded room,

Children dear to raise and love,

Truest love from youth to tomb,

Gift from Giver up above.

Happy Anniversary to the man who has given these words arms and legs, substance and reality… I love you!

Love Is

Love is velvet on a petal of pink,

Rosy scent in a garden’s shade;

Love is a fountain when you need a drink,

A bloom of colour that never fades.

Love is protective, a thorn on stem,

Guarding the heart from the fiercest storm;

Love is layered, a hidden gem,

Mysterious, magical, complex, warm.

Love is beautiful, the bud of grace,

Unfolding in time to reveal sweet core;

Love is a rose, a delicate place,

A vow to surrender, a heart to adore .