Paint my skin in springtime shades,

warm the tones of cold judgement.

Let Light wash over my frozen opinions

and brush aside arrogance and pride,

covering that powerful streak of stubborn selfishness

with magnificent magenta mercy,

graceful gouache glory.

Frame my life’s context

against the wall of Your gallery,

anoint my head with oils and pastels,

running over into lithographed lap.

For I am but a copy

until Your fingers draw out the Original;

I am but a replica

until Your signature calls me Salvaged.

Snowflakes on Parade


Snowflakes on parade

Each a unique masterpiece

Strutting unafraid


Do you hold your own shape when crushed by the crowd?

Put Me Back Together

Image courtesy of El Bueno, El Feo y El Malo

Created in Your image,

yet torn am I.

Fragile fragments, whisper-thin shadings

delineate my frame,

a dress-maker’s form

bereft of substance and style.

You alone know the hidden places

where the bits of me lie;

put me back together,

render Your fingerprint

in high relief on each segmented scrap.

When Your signature

sews me shut,

stops the gaps,

the Masterpiece of me

will glow with Your glory.

Put me back together,

make mine a heart undivided and whole,

that I might parade Your Power

from bill-board heights.

Sunlight Sonata

Sunlight Sonata, symphonic display;

Resplendent dependent on burgeoning day.

Marriage of melody, harmony, rest;

Riding on sound-wave, a pinnacled crest.

Maestro of magical motionless note;

Composer of lyrical sound-bytes that float.

Musical masterpiece, Musician’s art;

Striking a chord with this song in my heart.