Your words paint time still –

 sun forgets to race,

 earth pauses mid-stride,

moon holds her longest note,

vibrato kissing stars.

Heart hibernates,

pulse slows;

in this moment,

I am Mona Lisa,

caught in secret smile.

I am  waterlily,

wetting Monet’s daubed brush.

I am


and shadow

and tone

and hue,

whispers under covers

and smuggled glances;



found out,

captured by lens,

immortalized by sonnet.




Mona Lisa’s View

Image courtesy of Searunner

Day by day I send my gaze into this crowded hall;

Month by month, you shuffle past my portion of the wall

As year by year I linger here, and camouflage my thoughts

Behind my famous cryptic smile; connecting all the dots,

I see your secret hidden pain, I see your deepest hopes

Etched in pen upon each face; I read how each soul copes

With ragged edge of ragged life; with joys and sorrows lined

I trace the story of each heart – through centuries combined,

Perfected is my vista which, discerning, I can view.

While you are straining to see me, I’m watching all of you!