Your words paint time still –

 sun forgets to race,

 earth pauses mid-stride,

moon holds her longest note,

vibrato kissing stars.

Heart hibernates,

pulse slows;

in this moment,

I am Mona Lisa,

caught in secret smile.

I am  waterlily,

wetting Monet’s daubed brush.

I am


and shadow

and tone

and hue,

whispers under covers

and smuggled glances;



found out,

captured by lens,

immortalized by sonnet.




17 comments on “Loved

  1. Robert Rife says:

    You truly come alive in these kind of poems, Melody. Very nice indeed.

  2. Debbie says:

    This was sooooo beautiful! I was uplifted . .thank you!

  3. magnificent message ! I am always blessed by your integrity ~ Deborah

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