Captured by my lens,

You remain frozen in place;

time does not exist.


Rainy Thoughts

Catherine Woodbury3

Today the rain is all she feels,

The clouds are all she knows;

Tomorrow’s sunshine on hope’s heels

Will reap what sorrow sows.

What the Sundial Said

HDR sundial

Why wait for Summer

While the seconds tick away?

Inhale this moment,

Teach your lungs to breathe Today.

‘Now’ is something fragile,

A gift that never lasts;

Every second precious,

For soon it’s called the Past.

Time Keeper

wintry sundial


Whether Time gets snowed right in,

or whether snow times out,

crisply carving hourglass sands

leave shadows of a doubt.


As clock-chimes cast aspersions

where Time is running thin,

moments freeze on crystal shores

where memories have been.