Rainy Thoughts

Catherine Woodbury3

Today the rain is all she feels,

The clouds are all she knows;

Tomorrow’s sunshine on hope’s heels

Will reap what sorrow sows.

A Weather Forecast


Those days will come –

and then they’ll go,

with notable precision;

The rain will fall,

the wind will blow,

destroy what you envision.

But soon the sky

will tire of tears,

her raindrops’ stores depleted;

the sun will glow

with cheer once more,

and gloom will be defeated.

When Columbines Cry

columbine tear











When columbines cry

their sorrows,

reduced to silvered pearls,

slide down emerald cheeks,

trace Earth’s veins,

disappear beneath quilted soil

and sleep

until they rise









1,000 raindrops on lily-white skin,

1,000 lilies where sorrow has been,

1,000 sorrows are washed by the rain,

After the cleansing, pure joy will remain.


Poem #1,000

In celebration of life, healing, and the joy that comes after the rain!