The Break


Upper Kananaskis Lake










Paddles skim on liquid glass,

Sky checks her reflection;

Rocky shores with wooden doors

Display her pure complexion.

Hands of Time, I snap you here,

To break your counting power,

Cram a lifetime’s thirsty soul

Into this sacred hour.



As Majestic as Mountains

Is there anything on earth as majestic as mountains?

The Canadian Rockies are world-renown for their beauty.  People flock to them like moths to a porch light.  Hikers, skiers, campers, paddlers of kayaks and canoes,  relaxers and revellers, all congregate to gawk in unrestrained delight at these hunks of rock and rubble.

Tons upon billions of tons of granite are aligned in the range comprising the magnificent Rockies, which stretch for thousands of miles, creating a barrier powerful enough to create new climatic conditions on either side.

“Who else knows the weight of the earth or has weighed the mountains and hills on a scale?” Isaiah 40:12b NLT

Who, indeed?

The thought of this God, enthroned in jewelled light, weighing the mountains on a scale – well, that rather puts things  into perspective, doesn’t it?

And that thought is beautiful, as majestic as mountains…