Ingesting Light



Born in the darkest of alleyways,

she was laid in a box, in rags,

the body which expelled her

too cavernous in its own need

to hear her starving heart

break. Abandonment gets

in your DNA, they say –

cripples the soul, twists

the bloom  – but deep calls

to deep, innocent

instinct spawned in

unholy soil.  She raises

her head to the sun,

ingesting Light.

The Need For Easter


Ever since you stepped into the Light,

your true colours are leaching out,

bleeding filth onto what you tried to convince yourself

was pure as the driven snow.


is only relative;

compared to your earth-bound buddies,

you held your mask well.

But meeting Spring has a way of

stripping away the ruse,

the snow job pulling the wool over your own eyes.

Let it go.

Let it melt under these revealing rays;

let all you gripped with such bloodless fingers

soften and dissolve

into the dust it always was.

Only then can you abandon the scam of your innocence

to embrace the singular purity of invisible Light,

Sun whose rays reveal the need

for Easter.

The Offer

She raises head to heaven,


seeking that which has always eluded.

She is bone tired.

Tired of offering,

tired of trying,

tired of having the heart on her sleeve

torn from her grasp,

a pale, unnatural thing.

She just wanted to be loved.

Was that too much to ask?

Too much to expect,

that she could be known

and cherished?

This fragile gift,

this presentation of her self,

is flung back in her face,

a trampled orphan

in a death camp.

She will make one last stand.

She has heard there is a Love,

a Keeping close to Heart,

a Naming, a Delight.

She raises prayer to brilliant skies

and offers one last time…