There’s a Stranger in My Garden

There’s a stranger in my garden

in a suit of red and white;

his belly wiggles in the wind,

it’s quite a jolly sight.

He brought the North wind in his bag,

and showed up with the frost –

if this is Santa, tell him that

his calendar is crossed!

The Birth

Autumn sky, in advanced stages of labour,

struggles, pants;

ripe with womb’s distension,

she moans,


her anxiety and pain

threatening to overwhelm.

She has forgotten to breathe.

Between contractions,

she recalls her training;

sudden intake of lungs delivers

North Wind fury.


they bring forth a son,

and name him



The sky, pregnant with snow, was surly and strange and wonderful all day today.  I could only capture the smallest portion of its wild beauty…

Your Gift

You defy all odds,

with fists curled tight, brandishing hope

in a North wind.

You know your rights,

and recite them

to all who pass beneath your gaze.

Believing in faith,

harvesting hope,

your inner sanctum beauty

is your gift

to yourself.