There Are Two Sides to Every Fence

fence glow


When barriers break

Chains become a conduit

To the other side

Chasms Yawn

Chasms yawn between your position and mine.

Insurmountable obstacles,

glaciated fortifications loom,

freezing our chances.

If I dare,

I could don ice-grips

and pull a Sir Edmund –

will you meet me on the summit

with an oxygen tank?

The Path

I did not choose the path I tread –

It winds through places that I dread;

It rises steep near cliffs of doom

And shrouds my heart in lonesome tomb.

But while I walk upon this way,

A Voice of calm bids me be brave;

A Stranger walked this way before,

And suffered as His cross He bore –

So if He calls me to this place,

I’ll tread with courage, by His grace.