There Are Two Sides to Every Fence

fence glow


When barriers break

Chains become a conduit

To the other side

Faith Will Give You Wings


When visibility is poor

you have to trust

the destination

keyed into your GPS;

flying blind

in a snowstorm

will always involve some level of


but if you rely

on your instruments,

your faith


give you


Do Not Mourn

Do not mourn your loss of fragrance,

do not wish your petals back;

leave off grieving for last summer

as the  winter world goes black.

Take these hours to rest your branches,

let your roots sink deep in soil;

last year’s growth sets up potential

for next summer’s greensome toil.

Thermometer Calls the Shots

Thermometer calls the shots these days,

and when He sanctions motion,

you move.


your frozen form

shakes off stupor

and snaps out of suspended animation,

cryogenic catharsis.

It’s business as usual –


Thermometer’s meteoric fall

puts you back

on ice.


It’s hard to imagine being frozen solid one moment, and creeping around the next – but with temperature fluctuations come mini miracles, when you are an insect… What a resilient race, to unashamedly seize each and every moment of favourable circumstances!   Can I learn something from a bug?


Image courtesy of rpdpod Photography

It’s a long way down.

And it’s not the fall, but the collision with the ground

that stops life in its tracks

with such


When You said ‘jump’,

I never asked how low I would go –

I was dreaming of soaring with eagles,

skimming cloudy surf,

orbits and stars.

But to jet to the moon,

I must take the fall,

risk everything,

trust that Your trajectory

will end at nothing less than You.


here I am –

I’m ready




You’re tough, I’ll give you that –

beneath those delicate petals are ribs of steel,

whale-bone corsets to hold soul together

as the frosts gather like vultures to the kill.

Is this the flavour of determination?

I will drink of its bitter-sweet potion,

its brackish thickness,

if it means that

I can grow a backbone, too.