Grip of Gold


Golden are her tawny tresses,

Golden are her thoughts of late;

Gold her dreams of greener dresses –

Dipped in gold, her dreams await

Days of golden-sunshined splendour,

Tucked neath golden afternoons;

Patient, she will guard her golden

Songs as hope sings gilded tunes.

Winter Harvest




Garden’s winter grave

Snowy soil on Sabbath rest

Patience being sown

Be Still


Rolling stones gather no moss

and waving branches gather no frost;

be still.

Frantic fixing

and constant agitation

will give you motion sickness;

be still.

If you quiet your spirit

and rest your soul,

those elusive molecules of Peace

will find sticking place

and grow,

crystals colluding,

painting you Patient.


drop those worries,

cast those cares –

and be still…

Grow Patience

apple tree frost

Grow patience when you can’t grow fruit,

and soul and heart will follow suit

as character rears heaven’s taste

in disposition wisdom-laced.


This apple tree waits patiently for the days of frost to end. ┬áSo too, I will wait for the blessings to follow soul’s winter season…