Perfume spills

from a broken alabaster jar,

extravagant gift

to anoint tired feet.

Fragrant Sky

Holy halo, scented breeze,

Evening essence, spicy peas,

Garden glory floating by,

Perfumed aura, fragrant sky.


A whiff of fragrant sweet peas is one of my favorite late-season garden experiences!

At the Perfume Counter

The  lady at the counter

with the aromatic smile

asks which of her new fragrances

would I consent to try?

“There’s Lilac, that’s a classic.

And Cherry Blossom, too.

And don’t forget the cheerful scent

of Plum Passion – that one’s new.

You might try Springtime Apple,

or Honeyberry Wine – “

“I can’t decide,” I interrupt,

“I’ll take them all this time!”

The scents in my yard right now are other-worldly!  Who can choose one over the other when all combine to create such a spicy, intoxicating aroma!