striped clematis

We admire her transience,

her fragility –

express wonder at the way her tears

enhance her beauty –

but shun our own.

The Great Reversal

frosty trellis


Where once a green and virile vine

Twined its length upon your frame,

Frost has thrust his hoary head,

Icy claws have staked their claim.


Do not lose hope as Winter’s grip

Sinks fangs of doom into your heart;

Where once his frozen work remained,

Spring’s greenery will grow her art.



Falling Asleep

frosted leaves

Turn the lights down low, my love,

And tuck me into bed;

Frost has woven wintry spells

To crown my sleepy head.

Snowy blankets settle soft

To cover drowsy toes;

Hibernation croons its song

While frozen dreamscapes doze.


Her Spines as She Sways




as she sways

to her own rhythm

hold a deadly, beautiful poison

for all who may incautiously approach;

mesmerized, her victims enter

to taste of her wares,

not sensing



So You Feel as Though You’re Only One


So you feel as though

you’re only one

in earthly meadow’s millions,

two feet,

a pair of arms,

sundry assorted parts

that fail to set

your arrangement apart;

but if you chose not to bloom,

the gap where your

smiling face should


would be left bare,

blank in the canvas,

one beautiful brick

short of a load –

so bloom. Take your place

proudly, stand in the gap,

and watch the whole

world  grow,




at a time…