Garden Guidance


Fog obscures the path

Danger lurks around the bend

Your love points me home




One’s hard-pressed to brave the gale,

or stand full firm in life’s travail,

but two’s the recipe for calm –

your heart’s umbrella is my Psalm.




Hold me when life’s cruel winds

strip my hope and mock my grit,

hold me when the darkest nights

replace true light with counterfeit.

When strength rings hollow,

valour rouse –

and hold me in your tender boughs.

O Cleft in the Rock

cleft of the rock

O Cleft in the Rock, you hide me well

when winter winds and storms compel

my mind to live in frozen lands,

or sifting snows bark harsh commands;

it’s then that, hidden, heart can cling

to den of  hibernating Spring,

where soul finds rest from Winter’s grip,

and faith finds home, where hope won’t slip.

That Heart Would Heal

Spread the corner of your quilt o’er me,

cover me with your warm embrace;

blanket -wrapped on protective sea,

give me courage to retrace

steps of old, into war-torn field,

places where my fears reside;

walk with me into pain concealed

that Heart would heal, and no more hide.

Crowned by Thorns

Crowned by thorns of golden spokes,

cruel barbs, a case in point –

keeping others at arm’s length,

resentful, noses out of joint;

rapiers high, you stand on guard,

covering heart with spines of steel,

hoisted on your own petard,

you’ve forgotten how to feel.