Wait For Me

autumn slough


Wait for me at water’s edge,

Where Autumn meets the sky,

Where trees in wigs stretch sapless twigs

And watch the geese fly by.


Wait for me where harvest hides,

Where Wind paints reveries,

Where evenings slip with frosty grip

By picturesque degrees.


Wait for me where Time stands still,

Where seasons wax and wane,

Where Dew withdraws from icy paws

‘Til only earth remains.


Mardi Gras Costume

Mardi Gras  costume and mask over face,

Twirling of ribbons and finding of place,

Stepping in time to the autumnal beat,

 Outlandish fall foliage parades down the street.

When Clouds Lose Their Temper

When clouds lose their temper,

they growl and rage;

they hiss and they thunder,

and don’t act their age.

They roil, drawing knitted brows

into dark frowns,

they cover the sun and spit at the ground.

Such rude misbehaviour

just can’t be ignored –

except by the sunflower,

who smiles all the more.


Isn’t she the picture of peace under pressure?  There is something there that I want to emulate in my own heart…

Going With the Grain

Weather-worn and grayed by sun,

Splintered by the races run,

Distanced from youth’s lively fun,

Singing new refrain;

Wearing grey with greater grace,

Wisdom etched on aging face,

Finding strength in finding place,

Going with the grain.

Total Knock-Out

Enthralled, I pause –

Entranced, my jaws

Are slackened as I spy

This tiny flower

At evening hour,

As I go walking by.

Beguiled, bewitched,

I’m in her grip,

This luscious blooming fount;

Enslaved, intrigued,

I grow fatigued –

I’m knocked out for the count!