What She’s Learning

moody blush

She nods and smiles while heart-strings snap,

Frozen by the frost of pain;

Hunkers down and marches onward,

Shoulders stiff with hidden strain.

She knows the winter fast approaches,

Days which promise death to bloom –

But heaven holds her Autumn splendour,

Hope that springs despite the tomb.

Summer Love


Softer than an infant’s cheek,

gentler than a summer rain,

more graceful than a woodland creek,

more mystery than curving lane,

your steadfast love entreats and charms,

pursues my heart with winsome ways;

my heart, a rosebud in your arms,

blushes beauty at your gaze.

Raindrops on Roses

Raindrops on roses,

textbook cohesion;

biddies gathering to gossip,

assembly converging to count up favourite things.

Seasonal storehouse collecting cacophony

of drips, drops,

splashes and splutters –

the sound of music.

Hush, My Heart

Hush, my heart, you thud too loud,

you stir deep thoughts, attract a crowd

of ponderings inside my chest,

carry calm on fluttered breast

to farthest moors of untried lands,

and banish slumber’s nodding sands.

Hush, my heart, your poundings wake

the sleeping Giant, for whose sake

I pause here, soothing soul in vain,

begging Beast with sweet refrain

to leave me, taking Love by force,

allowing me a freer course.