In the Gallery

snowy branches


Winter’s brush, with frozen bristles

Decorates the thorns and thistles –

Weaves her words to paint a spell

That beautifies the weeds as well

As ever Solomon was dressed

In kingly robes and royal crest;

Her art, expressed in silver tones,

Becomes the flesh to drape bare bones,

Makes beautiful the cold mundane,

Declares the glory of her reign.

I, who humbly view her show,

Am lured, enraptured by the snow.

Daughter of the King



True colours are seen

When you let the Light shine through;

Royalty bleeds blue

Golden, Golden, Gone

golden ash tree


Golden splendour crowns him King,

Overlord of his domain;

Golden is his golden ring,

Golden as his golden reign.


Invincible his golden throne,

Iron is his sceptred fist;

After winds of change have blown,

Golden days are gone like mist.


Witness to a Coronation

sunrise ash tree

Lightning kisses  gem-crusted crown,

alights upon noble forehead;

sunrise slowly smolders,

clasps clusters of diamonds

around royal throat.

Epaulettes are embellished

with sparkling insignia,

waist encircled with sash of sapphires.

Trousers lit by torch-lit tourmaline,

shoes polished to a singular sheen


King Ash is resplendent

head to toe.


I watch,

enthralled by the pomp

and splendour,

witness to a



I had a front-row seat to the most magnificent sunrise ever to strike the face of a hoar-frosted earth this morning!  I was brought to tears as I realized that I was witnessing a coronation of sorts.  As Jacob did of old, I ‘leaned on my staff and worshipped’…


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Lily on Your Golden Throne

Lily on your golden throne,

Rule with regal grace intoned;

Set injustice on its ear

And bring the poor and needy near

To find their strength in your embrace;

Policy must help them face

A life of troubles multiplied –

Show them you are on their side,

And they will willing subjects be,

If you allow their dignity…