canyon trail


Be still, my heart, in safety wait

For all that’s good from heaven’s gate;

Serene, beat soft in tender tone –

With every cadence, you are known.


Thank you, Paul, for the reminder that I am seen and known!

Forest Hovers


Forest hovers, dark and deep,

Canopy of scented leaves;

Overhead, the tree in sleep

Provides a roof with icy eaves.

Loathe to stir from homey den,

Heart clings tightly to this view;

Frosty boughs, in peaceful glen,

Bathed with heaven’s frosted dew.

O Cleft in the Rock

cleft of the rock

O Cleft in the Rock, you hide me well

when winter winds and storms compel

my mind to live in frozen lands,

or sifting snows bark harsh commands;

it’s then that, hidden, heart can cling

to den of  hibernating Spring,

where soul finds rest from Winter’s grip,

and faith finds home, where hope won’t slip.

Open the Gates

Image courtesy of El Bueno, El Malo y el Feo

Open the gates,

Let down the door,

My enemy follows

To even the score.

I beg for asylum,

For safety within,

So open the gates,

And let me come in!


The name of the Lord is a strong tower…”


Turmoil without, tumult within –

this daily survival is wearing thin;

where do I turn when my heart is sore and wary?

Limbs that are strong, arms that are true,

Bulwark unfailing, I run to You;

hidden by Heart that beats a sanctuary.