Demure damask,

ubiquitous ruffles

cloak June’s exit

and herald July’s

approach, perfuming

time itself. Petals

will droop in

tomorrow’s heat

(for who of us can stand

against the march?)

but the scent

of rosewater

celebrates not

yesterday or

next week,

but now.



Intoxication, elevation,

tintillated senses on a garden morning tour.

Pink scentsation, sweet libation,

inhalation heals the heart, and ushers in its cure.


Sweet peas have got to be one of the most delightful scents in the garden world!!

I’m Diving In

Rose of Sharon,

Your Beauty bleeds.

Layer upon layer, I prod and seek,

and as my vision

adjusts, I perceive.

Petals open and invite.

I see a delicate strength

wrapped in Glory,

enveloped in Mercy,

perfumed with Majesty,

lit with Love,

and I am lost,

drowning in a rose-scented sea,

drawn like an arrow

to the target of Your Heart.

I must have You.

I must find You,

breathe You in,

swim in Your ocean,

wrap myself in your skin.

I ‘m diving in, Lord –

catch me…

When Love Buds

When love buds,

Petals explode with colours bright;

Freshly painted,  curled up tight

In cupid’s bows of brilliant hue.

Senses explode with lover’s view,

When love buds.

When love blooms,

Buds unfurl in vulnerable bliss,

Opening wide in loving kiss,

Releasing the scent of fresh-brewed rose;

Riding the highs and sighing the lows,

When love blooms.

When love dies,

Petals curl in brittle death,

Fragrance disappears with breath;

Abandoned, rose retracts her bloom,

Beauty folds in winter’s tomb,

When love dies.

At the Perfume Counter

The  lady at the counter

with the aromatic smile

asks which of her new fragrances

would I consent to try?

“There’s Lilac, that’s a classic.

And Cherry Blossom, too.

And don’t forget the cheerful scent

of Plum Passion – that one’s new.

You might try Springtime Apple,

or Honeyberry Wine – “

“I can’t decide,” I interrupt,

“I’ll take them all this time!”

The scents in my yard right now are other-worldly!  Who can choose one over the other when all combine to create such a spicy, intoxicating aroma!