The old year clings to its fragile stalk,

tenacious, reluctant.

In its husk hang dreams and memories,

broken resolutions,

minutes and hours dried to a crisp.

The dawn of the new year shines pale,

impotent in its infancy,

tiny arms flung to the heavens.

Uncertain, each regards the other; one

with suspicion and the weight of wisdom,

the other with wonder, innocent of pain or pleasure.

The old bows in silence,



falls to the rights of the year to come.

As it falls,

it scatters seeds

and the sunlight

notes where they land.


One Small Seed

baby lettuce

Not much to look at,

Not much to eat,

Nothing to brag of

When sharing a feat.

No tow’ring forest

With branches to show –

But she’s planting a Now

So her Future can grow.


We all start somewhere. We all start small.

If we sow a little kindness,

It could feed us all….



A Single Seed


The trick is to know what to discard,

for husks do not good bedfellows make.

A discerning mind will swallow only what is digestible,

tossing overboard what will only clog arteries

and disrupt metabolism

and consume energy needed elsewhere.

True sustenance requires dedication,

for only the heart of the matter

is worth cracking into.

Letting go means being willing to risk

relinquishing good for better,

and better for best.

Releasing is an act of faith –

for only empty hands can grasp good gifts,

only expectant hearts can recognize

the profundity of a single


Seeking Specks


All this work seeking specks on snow is chicken scratch,

for here I am,

grasping for crumbs under the table,

coveting the hem of Your garment

when I am an invited guest at Your banquet table.

I’m sewing a new patch on an old wine-skin;

rather than the patch,

I will put on my new robe,

garment of praise

more fitting for a Daughter of the King.

So dressed, I will rise up,

approach Your throne room with confidence,

and claim my prize –


and more,

and more

of You

double portion,

spilling over,


glory following glory.

This seeking specks

is for

the birds…



Courage stands when winds deface,

Courage keeps strong roots in place;

Courage dares to hope for more

When circumstances hiss and roar.

At times of pressure, Courage kneels,

At times of trouble, Courage feels;

For Courage knows it holds the keys

To feed a starving world –

Its seeds.