Walk in the Shade of the Wood

If you can’t see the trees for the forest,

then walk in the shade of the wood;

it is there that your heart softly lingers

when you feel that you’re misunderstood.

Breathe  pine-scented breaths while the lichen

caresses the trail at your feet;

there God’s song of welcome entices,

where breezes and bird chorus meet.

Little Cloud of Smoke and Mirrors

Little cloud of smoke and mirrors,

How you gloat when shadows fall to earth!

You look down your nose as fears of

Sunless skies give frantic thoughts new berth.

But I can see through your pretense;

I know the fabric from which you’re made.

You are but a wispy incense;

Sun’s optimistic smiles trump your shade!

Serenity’s Lullaby

Liquid sunshine, rays of gold

Dappled ‘neath the shade

Trickling water, springtime brook

Lending liquid-ade

Grass and mushroom, tree and thorn

Reaching to the sky

Froggy chorus, forest hymn –

Serenity’s lullaby

My Mother’s Day treat was to go for a family hike along a local river, searching for ‘The Rock’.  There is a huge rock, covered with fossils, lying within the riverbed.  Large enough for our family of four to picnic on, we haven’t been to visit for several years.  To access the river proper, we ford a brook – and its damp shores are smothered in marsh flowers.   The Rock was not to be accessed this year – the water level was too high.  But the hike was lovely – and the serenity of Nature at her best drew out this little verse.  Isn’t our world magnificent?