Just a Grain


And wave after wave

Batters my foundation,

Uncertainty of the sea;

Currents shift

And I drift,

Find footing here,

Lose balance there,

But always,


I am on Your shore.

On Wading

evening plovers


Life laps, waves on shore

Which dare the brave to enter;

Cold feet are coaxed in

Catching the Waves


I and my board on a frozen sea,

catching the waves waving back at me,

suspended in time with my lens as we

capture each drifting curl.

Prairie is still with the shell’s great roar,

diving in deep to experience the more,

ocean’s delights on a landlocked shore,

watching each crest unfurl.


I so love the sea – and literally live 1,000 miles away from the nearest, so any time I can take a mental beach break, I do!