Their White Elephant

Silence sits upon silence,

a mute accumulation;





a hush pervades them all.

He won’t acknowledge

the white elephant in the room,

so neither will she;

the stillness deafens,

the lulls clamour,

all resound

with secret censorship

that wails without sound in her heart,

pounds and crackles in his brain.

He looks at her with a nameless longing,

she cries noiselessly into midnight pillows –

but still, the stillness snags,

expanding the girth

of their

white elephant.


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Summer Evening

Day in dying, blows her kisses,

Tucks us in with bedtime wishes,

Bids adieu with winking gaze,

Turns the switch to dim sun’s rays.

All is still in this domain,

Evening croons her sweet refrain,

Holds her breath, expectant sprite,

Bows in  prayer, and says goodnight.