dreamy tree

You’ve watched them fade, these fragile dreams you sowed

when innocence was freshly minted, the shade

of spring meadows. Just when they felt full-grown,

they yellowed, curled, leaves from an ancient and

shabby book. You lost your grip;

now they lie scattered at your feet, crisp in their

brokenness. You could have died with them – no one

would have blamed you if you had joined your fallen

comrades in all their ashen stillness. Yet here you

stand, head high, arms outstretched,

hands open, expectant. You are an oak,

sinewy and solid. Storms have toughened your skin,

stiffened more than your upper lip,

rooted you in profound places. And I think,


that if you can stand tall after all you’ve lost,

I could stand, too.

The Stars Come Out

sedum stars


When the sky is black

With storms brewed thick like coffee

You take my hand

And smile

And one by one,

The stars come out

Of Boats and Seas

Vrsar marina


If I were a boat, and you the seas,

I’d hoist my sail and let the breeze

Bear me ever homeward bound,

Within your harbour, safe and sound;

And if a storm should cause dismay

With roaring gale and stinging spray,

You’d take the wheel, your waves escort

My shaking hull to safer port.

Midst unknown anchorage, should I

Dismiss my destiny, my why,

You’d paint my name upon my deck

In sea-foam green, lest I forget

That I am one with deeper swells,

With azure waves, and sea-carved shells,

With pirate kings, and mermaid songs;

For in your arms, my sail belongs.


O Cleft in the Rock

cleft of the rock

O Cleft in the Rock, you hide me well

when winter winds and storms compel

my mind to live in frozen lands,

or sifting snows bark harsh commands;

it’s then that, hidden, heart can cling

to den of  hibernating Spring,

where soul finds rest from Winter’s grip,

and faith finds home, where hope won’t slip.

Look Up!

When life has got you down, look up!

When winds have blown your petals askew,

When hailstones pound their holes right through,

When you’ve lost sight of all that’s true,

When you feel blue, look up!

When life has got you down, look up!

When rains deluge your peace of mind,

When torrents drown the light you find,

When tear drops strike your vision blind,

When life’s unkind, look up!

When life has got you down, look up!

Stormy winds don’t last forever,

Hailstones are not daily weather,

Battered flowers stick together,

Give up? Never!  Look up!

The Wind is a Restless Soul Tonight

The wind is a restless soul tonight;

It rattles and shrieks in the tormented trees.

It teases the lamppost and makes her cry;

It chases the tail of the frantic breeze.

The panes and the lintels and frames are rattled;

They answer with sundry creaks and groans.

Shingles have all of their feelings flustered;

They vent their frustration in muffled moans.

Grasses and greenery join in the dance;

Cavorting and sighing, with frenzied wave,

They add to the motioned contortion; they prance,

And, all up in arms, with countenance grave

They heave, and they protest to bowing so low;

Creatures on edge, with tails fluffed on end

Slink around corners and sulk in moon’s glow,

Alarmed at the way in which all the world bends.

The wind is a restless soul tonight.

It enters my bedroom, infecting my rest;

My soul wanders with it, and, sensing its flight,

Allows it to rustle within my chest.