My Sweet Lollipop

Sweet as sugar, syrupy as maple,

Candy-corn confection, summertime staple;

Glucose and fructose on a candied stick –

Yours is a lollipop I never want to lick!

Okay, a little far-fetched – but this lily variety is seriously named ‘Lollipop’!  🙂


Frothy cream on petalled plate,

Whipped and mounded, sugared fare;

Seasoned with a fruity mate,

Berry coulis, spread with care.

Foodie’s treasure, served in state,

High-class order, fine cuisine;

Chef’s creation, flavoured bait,

Insects love this sweet canteen!

Peonies are always buzzing with flies, and busy ants, which seem attracted by the sticky substance released by peony buds.  Imagine these as patrons at a fancy French Restaurant!