One More Tree

Her words rasp at his flesh

and tear his manhood;


he picks up the pieces and goes to his

dead-end job

to be passed over for the next promotion,

 dignity flayed.

His progeny

taunt his mannerisms behind his back,

and chip away at his character

with teeth drilled to

fine points.

When the financial storm hits,

and his trunk shatters,

who will hear one more tree

falling in the forest?

I See That Serrated Edge

I see that serrated edge,

and will raise you two fists;

your bite is only slightly less sharp

than your  bark.

Being snagged along its teeth

isn’t my favorite morning ritual.

Getting even is in the cards.

But if I don’t swallow

my thirst for revenge,

it may swallow me –

what hollow grasping!

No matter where the chips fall,

I choose to take the high road and fold,

so bark away.

I don’t need to follow suit!

Odds are,

while you win the battle,

I will win the war.