Thanksgiving Hymn

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For sun above and earth below,

For flowers’ blooms, and rivers’ flow,

For springtime after pristine snow,

Lord, we give you thanks.

For sunshine after timely rains,

For mountain peaks and golden plains,

For air in lungs and blood in veins,

 Lord, we give you thanks.

For tables laid with pumpkin pies,

For elders’ lore, and newborns’ sighs,

For secret looks in lover’s eyes,

Lord, we give you thanks.

For day to work, and night to rest,

For Heaven’s Love on earth expressed,

For all the ways that we are blessed,

Lord, we give you thanks.


Turning Over a New Leaf


Pull the drapes on summer past,

Linger long ‘neath autumn’s mast

Where golden sheaves are gathered in,

Thankfulness where pain has been.

Only You


Only You would take bare wire

and twist it into glacial art;

Only You could shine Your rays

and melt the hardest selfish heart.

Only love could add this sheen

and sculpt a work of vivid hue;

Only grace could dazzle me

so I would worship only You.

Close Call

That was a close call.

Treading the fine line between

Life and Death,

Fair and Freezing,

you fend off the Frost

with a heart warmed by the sun

of summers past.

Dare you exhale?

Beads of perspiration mark your

night of tormented hopes

and fragile fears.

But night broke,

and with it, the danger.

You are free to bloom

another day…

If This Day

If this day brings sunny skies and sunflowers’ sweet smiles,

A cooling breeze, a loving touch, and absence of life’s trials,

Then turn your heart to God above in thankful gratitude,

And let your conduct and your words be match for summer mood –

But if this day brings skies of gray, in overcast rebuff,

Rocks to clamber over on a trail that’s getting tough,

Then turn your heart to God above and thank Him anyway –

For gift of courage in your heart to carry you today.