cotoneaster brilliance


Unless you’re crushed, you cannot be poured,

Unless you’re struck, we can’t hear your chord;

Unless you’ve bled, you can’t feel my pain;

Unless you freeze, your colours are plain. 


It is only after the frost that our world puts on a show. 

Hang in there – your best is yet to come….

What If


What if  I had to be poured

to learn I was empty?

What if I had to be crushed

to know I was cracked?

What if I had to be dazzled

to recognize blindness?

What if I  had to meet lies

to discern what was fact?

What if I had to be stripped

to know I was naked?

What if I had to hit bottom

to raise head from the sand?

What if I had to be nameless

to hear call’s refrain?

What if I had to chew garbage

to taste  good from Your hand?


Life’s trials tend to strip us down – and, once bare, we can be clothed again…

The Secret of the Star

Deeply carved into our skin

a secret is revealed;

a star belongs in each of us

when layers are repealed;

when knife meets flesh, the blood is drawn,

imbedding seeds of doubt –

but trials are the only way

our star is wrestled out.

The Storms of Life

The storms of life have had their way,

The years have turned her dark to gray,

And robbed her of her partner, too –

The scars are where her feet walked through

The toughest rock-infested climbs,

The places where the toughest times

Have tried to conquer inner peace.

Doctor’s bills, death’s release,

Betrayals multiplied by four,

Troubles knocking on heart’s door.

Beneath the gray exterior

Lies a heart superior,

Tested by a difficult life,

Tempered by abundant strife;

She will live to see the day

When others lead her by the way,

Lives whose hearts by hers were touched

In sundry ways, by her deep love.

Rise Above!

Rise above!

This world will try to break you,

Tear you down, forsake you,

Smash your dreams, deface you,

But you can’t let it win!

Rise above!

The past will scratch and claw you,

Terrify and flaw you,

Masticate and gnaw you,

And wear your patience thin.

Rise above!

There is One who knows you,

Beautifies and grows you,

Cherishes and chose you,

So let the rise begin!

“Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.  Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you.  I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.”  Isaiah 41:10

In the Middle of Nowhere

Image courtesy of Ear Split Compound

You called, and my journey began,

a slow and tenuous slide off the lip of a slippery slope,

on a dubious road unmarked and undersigned.

Perhaps I am going to Nowhere,

that magical legendary land of broken dreams and crushed spirits.

Perhaps there is no end to this unending trek

which bloodies my feet and lames my legs

and batters my nerves til they’re raw.

Having begun, and not having arrived,

I am in the middle of


The terrain is strange and terrifying.

Dark shadows and things that creep and hiss live here.

And always the voices call.

“Give up! ”

“Are you lost?  Who told you to walk this road?”

“Turn back!  It’s easier going downhill than

straight up these cliffs.”

“You’ll never make it!  Turn back!”

“Turn back!”

“Turn back…”

Weeping, time after time I get the urge to

lie down

on that lonely and wearisome track.

I can’t do this.

Life in the middle is too hard.  Too raw.  Too everything.

I can’t.

I can’t…

And at the lowest can’t, I hear a can.

It is but a whisper, just enough to raise my head

and seek the source of the sound.

And I glimpse sandalled feet,

curiously pierced,

disappearing in the murky mist just beyond my reach.

So I get up.  I follow.

I must.

I remember now.

You promised an end.

You promised never to leave me.

You promised I would find my song at the end of this road.

You called.

I will answer with my feet.

My follow.

My heart…

Life is Beautiful…

It’s been a tough year.

I’ve had my hands tied behind my back, and been forced to learn things I wish I never had to know about.  Things I would like to relegate to the dream-world, where nightmares creep.

But when I look up, and notice that I am breathing, and take in the sun and rain and breeze, and see spring finally on its way,   I remember that this is enough.


And that, after all, is beautiful.



Beautifully Painted Faces.......

baby faces .....

Faces of Peru

In all the vastness of the billions of people on this orb we call home, in every expression, in every heart, there is a spark of the creative genius that drove God to replicate lesser images of Himself…In this, there is beauty.   How is life beautiful to you?