cotoneaster brilliance


Unless you’re crushed, you cannot be poured,

Unless you’re struck, we can’t hear your chord;

Unless you’ve bled, you can’t feel my pain;

Unless you freeze, your colours are plain. 


It is only after the frost that our world puts on a show. 

Hang in there – your best is yet to come….

What If


What if  I had to be poured

to learn I was empty?

What if I had to be crushed

to know I was cracked?

What if I had to be dazzled

to recognize blindness?

What if I  had to meet lies

to discern what was fact?

What if I had to be stripped

to know I was naked?

What if I had to hit bottom

to raise head from the sand?

What if I had to be nameless

to hear call’s refrain?

What if I had to chew garbage

to taste  good from Your hand?


Life’s trials tend to strip us down – and, once bare, we can be clothed again…