The Closet


She smiles,

a slow, careful smile

that curdles on top like bad milk,

a skin freezing in increments over troubled

waters.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she says

to the accompaniment of the skeletons doing a jig in her coat closet.

Suspended Animation

Suspended animation, pendant perfection,

buoyancy  battling autumn breeze;

where would you be without

adherence,  fusion,


to your


Steeped Cinnamon

You wait

with breath on hold

for the glimmer of the waking sun

to light up your world, a global alarm clock

which will tease open veiled tresses and release your

joy-steeped beauty like a stick of sweet cinnamon in a teacup

of finely hand-painted china, a compound of the world’s richest organic drink.

The Value of You

You’re no pin-up, that’s for sure.  Too pale, for one thing.

No uniformity.  A bit of an odd-ball shade, too.

The sun will wash you out within hours.

That fold is a bit non-conformist.

How will you compete with

Air-brushed standards?

How will you set

The value of