Let Me In


Serrated plates,

rows of overlapping scales

went out with the disappearance of the dinosaurs,

died on a Medieval joust;

discard the armour.

Little one,

precious child,

let Me in.




she remains suspended in thought;

the question is,

should she stick with a winter she knows,

or risk it all to find fabled spring?

Terror freezes her to the spot.

But what is faith, if not falling?

And what is trust, if not taking a tumble?

Perhaps precipice predates promise;

maybe reward is a result of release.

Does she have what it takes?

She’s hanging on,


Faith Will Give You Wings


When visibility is poor

you have to trust

the destination

keyed into your GPS;

flying blind

in a snowstorm

will always involve some level of


but if you rely

on your instruments,

your faith


give you


Sing Yourself Brave


Six months into your sentence,

and still you hang on.

Grapes are long gone.

Lazy summer days are just a

snapshot in a drawer.

Long cold nights

stretch interminably,

yet here you are,

refusing to let go.

What belies your brittle,

what glues seam to stem?

Do you have


with power to pardon?

Do you have


to plead your case?

Do you have


to see past judgement,

secret stored wine to

sing yourself brave?

Lean on Me

When cares weigh shoulders down with pain

and heavy is your life’s refrain,

in places where  your solace wanes,

lean on Me.

When hope is just a distant dream

and breakers wash your goals upstream,

in silence, when your soul bleeds screams,

lean on Me.

I am Rock, a solid mass,

I am Time, when seconds pass,

I am Truth, your looking glass –

lean on Me.


Image courtesy of rpdpod Photography

It’s a long way down.

And it’s not the fall, but the collision with the ground

that stops life in its tracks

with such


When You said ‘jump’,

I never asked how low I would go –

I was dreaming of soaring with eagles,

skimming cloudy surf,

orbits and stars.

But to jet to the moon,

I must take the fall,

risk everything,

trust that Your trajectory

will end at nothing less than You.


here I am –

I’m ready