The Wedding

tarda tulips

Sunshine in its purest form

Dressed in bridal innocence,

Emerald carpet strewn with pearls

Waves in holy reverence.

I, an honoured guest in state,

Watch as vows of love are sworn;

Gladdened by this gloried glimpse,

Spring pronounces hope reborn.

Time is Dressed in Bridal White


Time is dressed in bridal white,

ticking items off her list –

righteousness in sparkling light

with holy raiment wholly kissed.

Not yet grasping married state,

waiting for the Bridal Hall;

ever-changing while she waits

as glories stream to Royal Ball.


The Bride waits, changing from glory to glory, for the day of her final blessing…

The Bride

willow frost

Ever the bridesmaid,


third wheel –

until tonight.


Sought out.


relentlessly romanced.

Delighted over,

enraptured by,

the  Lover of your Soul

paints you beautiful,

veils you in Murano lace,

drapes your shoulders with diamonds,

parades you before your peers,

dressed head to toe in



Blushing Bride

Blushing bride, delicate rose,

Layers of mystery striking a pose;

Your glory lies in mantle of skin,

In triplicate infinite strata within.

Blushing bride, exquisite bloom,

Opening self when Love gives you room;

Trusting that yours is a valued award,

Giving completely what groom can’t afford.