So You Feel as Though You’re Only One


So you feel as though

you’re only one

in earthly meadow’s millions,

two feet,

a pair of arms,

sundry assorted parts

that fail to set

your arrangement apart;

but if you chose not to bloom,

the gap where your

smiling face should


would be left bare,

blank in the canvas,

one beautiful brick

short of a load –

so bloom. Take your place

proudly, stand in the gap,

and watch the whole

world  grow,




at a time…

Morning Star

On Morning Star, my eyes’ delight,

I make this wish with all my might;

That children everywhere were taught

That they were precious, loved and sought;

That ‘hungry’ was an unused word,

And voices of the weak were heard;

That war was just a distant dream,

And people were just what they seem;

That Truth was held in high regard,

And Justice served the poor and scarred;

That medicine could cure disease

And hurricanes were just a breeze;

That hearts would see their neighbour’s worth,

And Love would glow across this earth –

O Morning Star, as you shine bright,

I make this wish with all my might…