Finding Melody in the Primordial Ooze

Imagine for a moment…

Imagine that you just turned forty.

Imagine that you just learned some things.

Imagine that you learned that what was, wasn’t.  And worse – that what wasn’t, was.  That  your very identity had been borrowed from lies others had told you for so long, you forgot they weren’t even true.

Imagine that you learned The Secret.

And in the learning, the Big Bang undid all your DNA, and you found yourself, stunned, floating at the whim of a biological current,  bits of blown-up soul-particles scattered hither and yon throughout a primordial ooze.

The shock almost did you in.

Sing, Melody, sing!

Imagine that you bobbed and wove your way in the dark for – what was it?  Days?  Months?  Or years?  It little mattered.

Sing, Melody, sing!

As your eyes adjusted to the low light,  you began to see ‘you-bits’ – so many!  But so many were only bone-bleached carcasses of what you thought belonged –  their skinless skulls ‘hearkened with a grin,'(1) begging you to give them skin-space inside you.  But that still small voice told you they were misfits, caricatures of a cadence, not the real song.

Sing, Melody, sing!

“But I don’t know the notes!” you cried.

Little by little, you discovered clues – note by note, the parts were assembled.  A tremor, whisper-thin, stretched you taut, and you began to hum.

Sing, Melody, sing!

“But I can’t discern the tune!” you cried.

In practicing, your discoveries mounted.  Discriminating more easily between falsetto and vibrato, your trembling fingers sought more elements – rests and staves, clefs and trills, all were woven into the humming.

Sing, Melody, sing!

“What words do I sing?” you cried, exhausted and undone.

What words do you want to sing?

And you knew.  You knew.  Your song was your choice.  The building blocks were all around you, in a beautiful chaos, yours for the choosing.  The letters, a cosmic alphabet soup, bobbed in delightful freshness.  The Voice, a heavenly harmony, provided the back-up.  And the Song – oh, the song!  Its ribbons of light-energy pulsated with a beauty so visceral, it strummed your vocal chords.

And you sang!

“The mountains and hills will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands! ”  Isaiah 55:12 NLT  

And all of creation, hearing the Melody, sang along…

(1) A reference to Canadian poet Robert Service’s work “The Cremation of Sam McGee”

8 comments on “Finding Melody in the Primordial Ooze

  1. petroneagu says:

    Unfortunately, our lives are full of lies. From others as well as our owns. And they do slowly creep into our souls, they soon become our reality 😦
    I can tell those lies in your life took a toll on your heart and soul. It literally hurts me to see you affected like this, I have to be honest and admit my eyes are in tears now. A wonderful woman like you should never get hurt as you were…
    I can only pray for you and hope the sun will rise again on your street. It will shine again, soon!

    • melodylowes says:

      It shines on many days now, my friend. I am slowly recovering – and have been for the past year and a half now. I am starting to write about some of my deepest experiences and I am finding it a healthy pursuit. Your tears are precious – I am touched! But I truly am finding that God Himself is the treasure I have been seeking – and His presence with me is very precious as I work through all my ‘stuff’!

  2. kris landt says:

    great post, melody! i seem to reinvent myself once every ten years.

  3. Melody, I’m so enchanted by your writing style I lose track of the topic. Your posts are always such a joy to read.

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