“Inscription to Evil”

“The Scream”, Edvard Munch, 1895

Your eyes perceived the offering –

A ripe suckling pig offered on ego’s altar.

Fangs tore flesh, and cud was savoured.

Voiceless, innocence burned.

Betrayer invoked betrayal,

Tearing fragility whisper-thin.

Blows descending, betrayed shrank into a pit shame-thick and denial-sunk.

Sneering talons clawed soul.

Comatose, Heart beat on.

Shame bled dark on a soul-stain as tearless face silently screamed.

Hope of healing ripped raw the ooze.

Endangered, You clutched the more.

Friend kissed betrayal, marrying decay to heart-stir.

Agony poured fire into fatal wounds.

Battered, Heart beat on.

Tethered, soul stirred to staunch the flow

But band-aids bled away.

Exhausted, Heart cried to Healer;

Wounded hands leaked Love!

You perceived and trembled, lost footing.

Unleashed hell-fury, unwilling to surrender your masterpiece.

Heart, circulating a blood not its own,



Quivered on feet of glass.

Rage-screamed, You roared your hate-stench

But wounded hands held fast.


Life-blood bled into Heart.

Glass feet glowed diamond-studded in refining blaze.

Heart beat – IthinkIcan, IthinkIcan.

IknowLovecan,  IknowLovecan.

Flying, weightless, treading the wings of the dawn,

Heart  discarded crutch.  Leaped.  Danced.

Alive,  Heart  exhaled, inhaled, filled lungs with sweetness.

And words, flaking off like scales,

Indelibly marked Inscription to Evil,

covering scars.

2 comments on ““Inscription to Evil”

  1. Marcy says:

    Wow! So intense, as I imagine the healing process has been. That was very intense. So fearful yet coming out alive.

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