Barn-Red Bloom

Barn-red bloom in farmyard garden,

Hemmed by living fence as warden,

Live content with what you own;

Grass is greenest right at home.

12 comments on “Barn-Red Bloom

  1. The 2 go together; your photo makes it so. I also like your prose.

    Melody, you have so many wonderful flower photos I will have to come back to look at them all. Another place to share these and get some more exposer is A lot of people with different interests post their photos there. I have a Photographing Flowers community there.

    You can give your blog a plug to some who may not find it. I would love to see you join.

  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Ahhhhh, very very nice, Melody!!

  3. kris landt says:

    Lovely thoughts and gorgeous photo, Melody. Indeed, the grass is greenest right at home.

  4. A poet once said: “Don’t neglect the gold in your own backyard.” Melody, your love of gardening and your beautiful photographs prove that you don’t.

  5. Yes, so true. We never seem to be able to see the grass under our feet, because we are busy looking out at the grass across the way. Once we vacate our own treasures, and turn around we then realise how green and luscious our own grass was. Melody this is a lovely post again.

  6. Mulled Vine says:

    What a beautiful picture, and poem to match.

    I wrote a little piece about this ages ago, but reach much the same conclusion (you can see it here if you like:

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